4-HO-MET’s origin can be traced to the pioneering work of American chemist Alexander Shulgin, as detailed in his 1997 book ‘TiHKAL’ (‘Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved’).

Please note that this research chemical is strictly intended for educational and scientific use within controlled laboratory settings, with no application in human or veterinary contexts.

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4-HO-MET, a synthetic psychedelic compound, shares a structural relationship with psilocin, the active compound in “magic mushrooms.” Many countries do not approve it for medical or recreational use, categorizing it as a research chemical.

  • Chemical Name: 4-hydroxy-N-methyl-N-ethyltryptamine
  • IUPAC Name: 3-(2-(ethyl(methyl)amino)ethyl)-1H-indol-4-ol
  • Molecular Weight: 234.29 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: C13H18N2O
  • Appearance: FREEBASE
  • Melting Point: 173-175°C (343-347°F).
  • (CAS) Registry Number: 77872-41-4

For comprehensive information about 4-HO-MET, including its chemical structure and properties, you can refer to the detailed resource available on PsychonautWiki.

What are the effects of 4-ho-met?

4-HO-MET, like many other psychedelic substances, can produce a wide range of effects on perception, mood, and consciousness. These effects can vary from person to person and may be influenced by factors such as dosage, individual sensitivity, and the setting in which the substance is consumed. It’s important to note that the experience with psychedelics is highly subjective, and not everyone will have the same effects. Here are some common effects associated with 4-HO-MET:

  1. Visual Distortions: Users often report alterations in visual perception, including vivid colors, geometric patterns, and visual distortions. These effects can be particularly pronounced with 4-HO-MET, earning it the nickname “Colorful.”
  2. Mood Enhancement: Many users describe feelings of euphoria and increased emotional sensitivity while under the influence of 4-HO-MET.
  3. Changes in Thought Patterns: The substance can lead to introspection and profound changes in thinking. Some users report enhanced creativity and abstract thinking.
  4. Altered Perception of Time: Time may seem to pass more slowly or lose its normal sense of progression.
  5. Synesthesia: Some individuals may experience synesthesia, a phenomenon where one sensory perception triggers another, such as seeing colors when hearing music.
  6. Body Sensations: Users may experience physical sensations, such as tingling or warmth, as well as changes in perception of their body.
  7. Introspection and Self-Reflection: Like many psychedelics, 4-HO-MET can lead to deep introspection and self-reflection, potentially providing insights into one’s thoughts and emotions.
  8. Anxiety and Confusion: It’s important to note that not all experiences with 4-HO-MET are positive. Some users may experience anxiety, confusion, or even paranoia during the trip, especially at higher doses or in less controlled environments.
  9. Potential for “Bad Trips”: As with any psychedelic substance, there is a risk of experiencing a “bad trip,” characterized by intense fear, anxiety, or discomfort. Having a trusted and sober trip sitter and being in a safe and comfortable setting can help mitigate these risks.

For more detailed user experiences and firsthand accounts of 4-HO-MET trips, you can explore reports on Erowid.

Dosage information for 4-ho-met:

The appropriate dosage depends on various factors, including an individual’s tolerance, body weight, and experience with psychedelics. Additionally, the purity of the substance can vary, so it’s crucial to start with a low dose if you’re inexperienced or unsure.

That said, here are some general dosage guidelines for 4-HO-MET:

  • Threshold Dose: Typically around 5-10 milligrams (mg). This is the lowest amount that might produce subtle effects.
  • Light Dose: 10-20 mg. At this level, users may experience mild visual distortions, mood enhancement, and changes in perception.
  • Common Dose: 20-30 mg. This is considered a moderate dose and is likely to produce more pronounced psychedelic effects, including vivid visuals and alterations in thought patterns.
  • Strong Dose: 30-40 mg or higher. At this dose, the effects become more intense, and users may experience profound changes in perception, strong visual distortions, and intense introspection.

For in-depth scientific studies related to the effects and dosages of substances similar to 4-HO-MET, you can refer to research papers like the one published on PubMed.

What is the legal status of 4-ho-met?

Like many research chemicals and novel psychoactive substances, can vary from country to country and even within different regions of the same country. It’s important to note that legal statuses can change over time due to new legislation or regulations. Here’s a general overview of the legal status of 4-HO-MET in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

United States (USA): 4-HO-MET was not specifically scheduled as a controlled substance at the federal level in the USA as of September 2021. However, individual states may have their own regulations regarding the compound. Always check the laws in your specific state for the most up-to-date information.

Europe: In Europe, the legal status of 4-HO-MET can vary significantly from one country to another. Some countries may have specific regulations or bans on the substance, while others may not. The European Union (EU) has the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) which tracks the legal status of various substances. It’s advisable to check with your country’s specific drug control agency or the EMCDDA for the most current information.

Australia: 4-HO-MET was not specifically scheduled as a controlled substance in Australia. However, Australian drug laws can be quite strict and are subject to change. Always verify the current legal status through Australian government sources.

Please keep in mind that legal situations can change, and the information provided here is based on the status as of September 2021. It’s essential to stay informed about the current legal status in your specific region and to adhere to local laws and regulations. Additionally, the possession, distribution, or use of novel psychoactive substances can carry risks, including legal consequences and health risks, so it’s important to prioritize safety and responsible decision-making.

For more detailed information on the legal status of 4-HO-MET, you can refer to the Wikipedia page dedicated to this substance.

Common names of 4-HO-MET:

  1. Metocin: This name is derived from the chemical abbreviation “MET” for the methyl-ethyl-tryptamine structure and the “-ocin” suffix, commonly used for psychedelic substances.
  2. Colorful: Some users and enthusiasts may colloquially refer to 4-HO-MET as “Colorful” due to its reputation for producing vivid and colorful visual effects during the psychedelic experience.
  3. 4-HO-MET Fumarate: This name specifically indicates the fumarate salt form of 4-HO-MET, which is a common way the compound is sold.
  4. Psilacetin: While less common, some individuals may refer to 4-HO-MET as “Psilacetin,” which is similar to the name of its chemical cousin, 4-AcO-DMT (Psilacetin), but not entirely accurate for 4-HO-MET.
  5. Methylcybin: This name is another common alias for 4-HO-MET and is often used interchangeably with Metocin.

Where to buy 4-HO-MET online?

At, we provide 4-HO-MET Freebase exclusively for scientific research purposes within controlled in-vitro laboratory settings. It is strictly prohibited for human consumption or veterinary use. Please note, you must be at least 18 years old to buy 4-ho-met

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