What are Sedatives?

Sedatives are known by many names, including ‘tranquilisers’ and ‘downers’. Technically, a sedative is any chemical or compound which reduces excitement or irritability. Most work as central nervous system depressants. Many work to increase the activity of the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain, though they can do so in dramatically different ways.

Sedatives, including alcohol and most opioids, have been used as recreational drugs for centuries. Note, though, that any sedatives purchased from ChemicalFrog are to be used exclusively as laboratory samples or for the purposes of in-vitro experimentation. They are not to be consumed in any way.

Where to buy sedatives online

ChemicalFrog offers 1g, 5g, 50g or even 1000g plus powder sedatives. Chemical Frog makes a wide range of pure research chemicals available to our customers. Many of these compounds can be classed as sedatives. All of our fine products, sedatives included, have been synthesized by professional chemists in pure, controlled laboratory conditions. Our factory is one of the largest in Chine, and used the latest quality control procedures to ensure that every research chemical we sell is of the highest quality and purity.

Can Sedatives be Delivered Internationally?

Yes they can. ChemicalFrog can ship orders to nearly any address in the world, often very quickly. However, ChemicalFrog does not and cannot undertake to research, know or understand the laws that may govern these substances in your country. The byer is entirely responsible for understanding the laws, regulations and policies of the delivery country, and bears all responsibility for complying with them. Failure to do so may result in lost shipments, at your own expense.

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