Tablet Press Machine – Tablet Maker

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Manual Tablet Press Machine

1)Max.Pressure: 15 KN
2)Max. Thickness: 12mm
4)Max. filling Depth: 12mm
5)Production Capacity: 40-60pcs/min
6)Weight: 34kg / 75LBs
7)Dimension (mm):  260*300*500
8)Warranty: One year ( in case of physical damage we replace it )

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No motor is required for this manual pill pressing machine which makes it associate economical, energy-saving alternative once you mix the vitamins and supplements needed for your actual dietary wants. The machine is additionally good for pharmaceutical use, laboratories, and colleges. Exerting the most pressure of 15 kN (based on the chosen depth of the pill) the machine makes spherical tablets smaller than 12mm and may produce 2400 to 3600 tablets each hour. you can press all completely different varieties of granular components into spherical tablets of your needed thickness. you can even produce very different shapes by obtaining different dies.


• ne’er place hands between your punch dies. Doing hence risks critical injury.

• perpetually use material surface into great granules before victimization it to help make the pills.

• Place the device on a bit table once operating.


• You need to coat the machine with oi before and after use.

• Always sweep apart residual powder from the device and apply pharmaceutical quality material between every use.

• Store properly in the event that the press isn’t used for over seven days.

  • Remove the punch and die, and pharmaceutical quality grease or white Li grease used.
  • Lined the machine ought and hold on.
  • In Package Includes: 1x Machine with 1x Manual

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