5C-ABP or 5CABP is a cannabidoil 5cl-adb-a discovered for laboratory purpose only. Another name of 5C-ABP is 5C-AB-PINACA and chemical ID as C18H26N4O2. Moreover, 5C-ABP is a synthetic cannabinoid from the indazole-3-carboxamide, known for offering medical benefits since ages. Furthermore, 5C-ABP is obtained from some illegal herbs however due to having traces of cannabidiol, it is now sold legally. Here I would like to tell you that, you should remember that 5C-ABP is a non-consumable, non-edible cannabidiol. You cannot purchase it legally except you want to use it for chemical research purposes. Do not consume it in any case.

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What is 5C-ABP ?

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5C-ABP is also called 5C-AB-PINACA which is comparatively a newer synthetic cannabinoid which has become available sometime before. Therefore, now it is available to sell online and people can avail this with ease. However, just like 5cl-adb-a, this component is also available for research purposes only.

What is 5C-ABP?

5C-ABP is a synthetic cann which is based on indazole. This amazing component has been derived from different series of compounds but originally it is being developed from Pfizer in the year 2009. This synthetic cannabinoid belongs to the indazole-3-carboxamide family. However, now this is available at different online resources to sell due to which it has become easier for the people to buy. Pfizer developed a complete family of research chemicals.

5C-ABP Effects

This is a strong compound which people using it by wrong way. Even more people are also using it as a drug by mixing its small amount with tobacco. However, when it comes to the 5C-ABP effects then there are some milder effects just like other similar products. Plenty of people out there are getting this pure compound for multiple purposes including research components.

legality of 5c-ABP

Well, whenever you are going to discuss the legality of the compounds like 5C-ABP then you will be surprised by knowing the fact that this component is not outlawed in any of the major countries all around the world. Even more, 5C-ABP is not being known as a controlled component in major countries at all. However, when you want to use this component for research purposes then you can easily find it at multiple platforms with ease, from where you can get this to use in the best possible way.

Where to buy 5C-ABP?

Well, if you want to buy 5C-ABP then you must need to find a source from where you can buy pure component with ease. However, when it comes to getting the best quality, then you must visit “ Chemical Frog ” for this purpose. Here you can find an amazing range of similar products with ease. We guaranteed the quality and purity of the entire chemicals available here. The company is the best and highly effective online source to get any of your required similar kind of product with ease

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