Buy 6 gram Research chemical Cannabinoid sample pack

3g 10f-adb, 3g 8cl-adb and 3g sgt-151

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Buy Our Exclusive cannabinoid products SGT151 10F-ADB and 8CL-ADB

!!!!! All together in one pack – try them all !!!!!

We offer in a sample pack our best-selling cannabinoid research chemicals.

A great way to try the best cannabinoid products of the market.

We are the only supplier in China that sell products with this potency.

To be clear to all of our members and visitors, these products do have not the same potency as the raw material. The raw material is an old quality cannabinoid research chemical with high potency which you don’t need any special chemistry skills to produce at home.

It is good to notice that that way which we recommend producing your old school chemical at home and the needed materials you can not find in any other place on the web.


We strictly sell our products for research purposes ONLY .. These products are not for sale for human consumption or animal use.