Dibutylone Crystal



IUPAC: 1-(Benzo[D][1,3]Dioxol-5-Yl)-2-(Dimethylamino)Butan-1-One

CAS: 802286-83-5

Molecular {Formula|Method|Formulation}: C13H17NO3

Molecular Weight: 235.28


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Dibutylone is a stimulant of the amphetamine class, bit it is also classified as a cathinone and a phenethylamine. It is also called bk-DMBDB1 and β-Keto-dimethylbenzodioxolylbutanamine or . As it is a phenethylamine stimulant, it is built around a phenethylamine core but with a ketone attached to the beta carbon and an alkyl group at the alpha position.

It has often been found in so called ‘bath salts’, ‘plant food’ and designer drug tablets, making the chemical useful for forensic labs and for spectroscopy samples. It is also considered to be a psychotropic, so it is also of interest to neurologists, pharmacologists and those who study the brain.

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Buying Dibutylone

Dibutylone is sold only as a research chemical, and with the understanding that it will only be used, handled and stored by trained professionals in a laboratory or forensic context. It sales are of course subject to the ChemicalFrog Terms and Conditions.


Dibutylone possible biological effects.

There has never been any formal, rigorous testing of Dibutylone on humans or animals, and little can reliably be said about its toxicology, physiological effects or side-effects. However, there is a growing amount of anecdotal, unregulated accounts of its use. While ChemicalFrog does not support these methods, it has yielded some useful data.

Many users seek out this substance for its reported euphoric effects, despite its classification as a stimulant. The majority of users report no euphoric effects, though, and the mechanism behind them is not well understood. More common are descriptions of an overall pleasant sensation, and elevated mood.

Human use of this chemical reportedly includes negative effects as well. These might include infrequent hallucinations and nausea, typically mild to moderate. Constipation has been reported, as have increased heart rate and a feeling of ‘heaviness’ I the chest. Most of these are typical of this class of synthetic stimulants.

Legality of Dibutylone

Dibutylone is classed as an amphetamine type stimulant. This raises a responsibility for any buyers or importers to ensure that Dibutylone is not in any way restricted or banned, either in its own right or an a so called ‘analogue’ to another controlled substance, before ordering. ChemicalFrog cannot take responsibility for the laws of your locality in this regard, or the details of substance importation policy. For full details of our shipping policy, see our shipping page.

Once again, Dibutylone is to be used solely as a research chemical and not labelled or suitable for human consumption.

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