IUPAC: N-((3s,5s,7s)-adamantan-1-yl)-1-(4-fluorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide

Purity: Above than 98%

Molecular Formula: C25H26FN3O

Molecular Weight: 403.5 g/mol

Formulation: Crystalline powder

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FUB-AKB48 is a popular synthetic cannabinoid of the indazole family.

This is the same material that is sometimes called FUB-APINICA. It is understood to be a powerful CB1 cannabinoid receptor agonist, though it is understood to have little or no effect on the CB2 receptor.

Similar chemicals include APINICA, 5F-APINICA, ADB-APINICA and FDU-PB-22. The chief difference between this and APNICA is that the pentyl chain has been removed and replaced with fluorobenzyl.

Very little is known about this chemical in terms of in-vivo effects. It is chiefly interesting as a diagnostic or calibration sample for spectroscopy, or for a range if in vitro purposes where a different APINICA type chemical would normally be used, but has been made controlled or difficult to acquire due to its potential for abuse.


How to order FUB-AKB48

ChemicalFrog can indeed deliver FUB-AKB48 delivered to your door. However, FUB-AKB48 is available chiefly as a forensic research chemical. Note that it is not licensed for human or animal use in any known jurisdiction.


Legality of FUB-AKB48

FUB-AKB48 is not known to be banned in any major jurisdiction nor is it typically considered a controlled substance. However, it is at all times the customer’s responsibility to know the law of their country. ChemicalFrog does not undertake to research this in detail, and it cannot take responsibility for any shipments lost for non-compliance with local laws, policies or regulations.


Does FUB-AKB48 have any known side effects?

There is little formally derived data on the pharmacology of FUB-AKB48. It is fairly new on the market, and is rarely used for in-vivo studies in any event. However, it has been used occasionally as a designer drug, and many of the anecdotal reports of its effects line up remarkably well with what you can predict based on its chemical properties and structure.

It is said to be very effective as a euphoric agent and as a general painkiller. Other users describe a general sense of well-being and reduction of stress levels

As it also typical of indazole-type chemicals, it can be associated with anxiety and even paranoia in a minority of users. Nausea is not completely unheard of, nor are ‘dry mouth’ or ‘red eye’. Most agree that these symptoms seem to be fairly minor.

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Nonetheless, FUB-AKB48 is not suitable for human consumption and it is not sold for use on animals or for any type of in-vivo experimentation.


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