Origin Country: China

Cas Number: 2932912-12-2

Appearance: Crystal

Purity: 99.7%

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4-CIC is a fairly new entry in the substituted cathinone family of synthetic stimulants. It is similar to many existing cathinone stimulants, especially 4-MPD in its chemistry and effects. Like most research chemicals of this type it shares a central phenethylamine core with ketone and alpha groups on its beta and alpha carbon attachment points.

This entire family of stimulants is chemically related to the original cathinone molecule, first derived from the natural stimulant khat.


Buying 4-CIC
4-CIC sales and delivery are governed by ChemicalFrog’s Terms and Conditions. None of the chemical products we sell are to be ingested or used on humans or animals. They are sold strictly as research chemicals.


4-CIC’s possible and side-effects

There has been virtually no formal testing of 4-CIC’s toxicological or physiological effects. Very little has been published about it, so the only source for this information is anecdotal reporting. As there seems to be a growing number of people using this research chemical recreationally, such reports are becoming more common. There is still little statistically reliable information on effective dosage, though.

Many users confirm that it does have the expected stimulant effects, providing a sense of energy and an increased ability for the user to stay on-task for long periods. It appears to have much of the standard cathinone’s production of semi-random physical sensation, especially in the hands and limbs, Some have described this as a pleasant tingling. Others report an overall ‘body high’ even at very low dosage levels.

There are also reports of side effects which most would consider negative. 4-CIC users have described dizziness and mild nausea, again pretty much ‘par for the curse’ with substituted cathinones.

There have been a few reports of hallucinations or so called ‘psychedelic’ experiences after using 4CIC.  Such hallucinations tend to be relatively mild, but there is not a consensus as to whether the presence or absence of hallucinations is a factor of dosage, individual sensitivity, or both.

Why do people buy 4-CIC?

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4-CIC is a fairly complicated biochemical, so it makes an excellent reference sample for mass spectrometry labs and forensic science facilities, especially for calibrating equipment against samples of a known nature. It can also be helpful for biochemists, neurologists, and those doing in-vitro studies on the neurological effects of different chemicals or equipment.

Legality of 4-CIC

It is the responsibility of the buyer alone to ensure that your entire order complies with local law, controlled substances policies or shipping regulations. See our shipping page for more information.

No matter what your experimental purpose. 4-CIC is a research chemical, and is sold only for laboratory use by trained professionals. Take care that it is never handled or used by untrained personnel. If you have any other questions about 4-CIC or any of other our products, Contact Us now.




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