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5cl-adb-a is a new 2019-2021 indazole-based cannabinoid. Order 5cl-adb-a from us, you have the high quality with resend policy. 5cl-adb-a is now the king of noids. ChemicalFrog guaranteed all the packages from 1gr to 10kgs.

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What is 5CL-ADB-A Research Chemical?

5CL-ADB-A is created 2019 potent synthetic cannabinoid. It belongs to the indazole class having similarities with the AB-CHMINACA drug. 5CL-ADB is legal almost to the most countries in the world including USA, EU, UK, Russia etc).

The drug usually exists in the crystalline form and white or light orange in colour. The normal storage temperature for 5cl-adb-a is 18-26oC in a cool dry place.

More info about the drug will release soon!

5CL-ADB-A is strictly for scientific use ONLY.

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