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Hex-en Hexedrone or N-Ethylhexedrone (also called Hexen, NEH or N-Ethyl-nor-hexedrone) is a cathinone family stimulant. This class of chemicals generally consist of a phenethylamine core, but with an oxygen group attached to the beta carbon and an alkyl group at the alpha carbon. This basic plan can be modified in many ways, though, making this family of research chemicals so useful.

Hex-En Hexedrone is closely related to naturally occurring chemicals found in the khat plant, widely used as a natural stimulant.

Exe-E is most commonly used a s a research chemical in industries as widely varied as forensic science, psychopharmacology and neuroscience. It can also be an important part of any mass spectrometry project or lab.

Technical Information for N-Ethyl-nor-hexedrone

Psychoactive chemical class: Synthetic Stimulant

Chemical Family: Substituted Cathinone

Alternative designations:

  • N-Ethylhexedrone
  • HEX-EN
  • NEH

Hex-En Hexedrone Notes and Observations

Hex-en Hexedrone is sold only for research purposes, there is no denying that it is frequently used for recreational purposes, most dangerously for human consumption. As is the case with many so called ‘designer drugs’, there is very little scientific evidence available about the effects and side effects of Hex-En Hexedrone when consumed or used in this way.

Of what is known, we can say that it is noted to have a pronounced

  • A noted stimulant effect
  • Stamina enhancement
  • Tactile enhancement
  • Appetite suppression

On an anecdotal level, many users report a sense of increased energy with a fairly long duration. Spontaneous physical sensations have been reported, mostly highly pleasurable in nature. These are most often described as ‘a pleasant tingling’ in different areas of the body.

Hex-En Hexedrone negative side effects often include dehydration and / or dry mouth, increased blood pressure, perspiration, temporary erectile dysfunction and increased heart rate. Vasoconstriction has been reported as has a tendency in users to grind their teeth. The severity of these symptoms is said to be more similar to those of NEP or a-PHP than the severe versions noted for MDMA.

Recreational use of this chemical is also associated with certain cognitive side effects. These include motivation enhancement, euphoria and so called ‘thought acceleration’. Hex-en Hexedrone in low doses, it has been associated with an enhanced capacity for analysis, but this effect is considered to be much weaker than in other similar chemicals of the substituted cathinone family. More common are side effects including disinhibition, addictive behaviour and time compression.

Hex-en Hexedrone Legal Perspectives:

As Hex-En Hexedrone and several related substances have become more and more popular as recreational stimulants, many countries have taken legal action to prevent its sale or to restrict it to a clinical, professional context. In the UK, for example, it is illegal to import supply or produce Hex-En Hexedrone as of 2016 under the Psychoactive Substances Act. Brazil has made it illegal to sell, produce or possess this chemical, and it has been designated as an illegal narcotic in Sweden since 2016 as well.

Permitted Use

All ChemicalFrog products, including Hex-En Hexedrone, are sold only for research purposes. They are not to be used for or altered for the purpose of human consumption in any way. The full effects of this research chemical on human systems is not fully understood, and such use would be unacceptably dangerous.

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