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IUPAC: 1-(5-Fluoro-pentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxylic acid naphthalen-1-yl ester

CAS: 832231-92-1

Molecular Formula: C21H30N4O2

Molecular Weight: 370.490

Form: Powder

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MAB-CHMINACA is also known as ADB-CHIMINACA. It was one of a series of indazole based synthetic cannabinoids invented by Pfizer in or around 2009. It was developed initially as an analgesic, though its other properties soon became apparent.

Its CB1 cannabinoid receptor affinity is dramatically higher than other indazole cannabinoids, estimated at 0.289 nM. Nonetheless, it is a near analogue for chemicals such as MN-2201, ADB-FUBINACA and 5F-MN-18. It gains the ‘MAB prefix because this version sports a tert-butyl group instead of the standard isobutyl moiety.


Can MAB-CHMINACA be sent to my home or office?

Yes. You can buy MAB-CHMINACA online now. However, you must be aware that ChemicalFrog sells MAB-CHMINACA and other products only as research chemicals. It is not suitable for any other purpose, and is not labelled for any kind of human or in vivo use. Indeed, it should only be handled by trained, professional personnel.

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What side-effects might MAB-CHMINACA present?

MAB-CHMINACA is a synthetic cannabinoid of the indazole class. Though it has been the subject of a number of in-vitro studies, there is not a great deal known about how it performs in the human body. Pfizer has published some results, though, and these tally fairly well with a number of first hand use reports available online.

Anecdotal accounts suggest that MAB-CHMINACA is a potent euphoric. It has also been reported that it presents with body tingling, an effect which is generally considered pleasant but can be distracting, especially when presenting alongside other more negative side effects. By all accounts it is, as you might expect from its CB1 affinity, a potent painkiller.

On the more negative side, it can be associated with nausea, dry mouth, and a distorted time sense. These effects are said to be largely dosage-dependant, but it is difficult to know for sure. In addition, it has been reported to cause paranoia or other forms of anxiety in people prone to such effects.


Check Legality before you buy MAB-CHMINACA.

MAB-CHMINACA is not presently known to a controlled or restricted substance in any major jurisdictions. However, ChemicalFrog does not undertake to know the law in your country or region, and cannot take the responsibility of researching the laws of every region to which we deliver. It is the buyer’s responsibility to know the law in their home country, and ChemicalFrog cannot do this for you. The laws, regulations and policies of your jurisdiction should be complied with in all ways, and you must see to this yourself.

Caution is also appropriate, as some countries have made wide ranging ‘blanket bans’ on entire classes of research chemicals. It is possible that such a ban of cannabinoids or indazole derivatives might be widely worded enough to include MAB-CHIMINACA.

MAB-CHMINACA is a research chemical and it is not intended or labelled for human use.

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