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A-PPP is also called Alpha-PPP, α-PPP, and α-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone. Chemically, it is very similar to cathinone class synthetic stimulants, and is considered by many to be an analogue or to belong to the class.

There is a distinct structural similarity to MDPV, Pyrovalerone and Methcathinone, though A-PPP is predicted to have a lower affinity for monoamine transporters like noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine.

A-PPP is not technically an analogue of either diethylpropion or diethylcathinone. None the less, it is a functional analogue of M-PPP (4’-methyl-α-pyrrolidinopropiophenone).

Fairly recently, some European authorities have reported finding A-PPP as one ingredient of so-called Ecstasy tablets purchased as illegal recreational drugs.


Possible biological effects of A-PPP
This is one of the few such chemicals where substantial in-vivo research has been published. In one study, male Wistar rates were injected with the compound in carefully controlled conditions. A wide range of metabolites were identified, but chief among them was Cathinone. It can be surmised, then, that A-PPP’s pharmacodynamics profile is very similar to that of other cathinone analogies and Cathinone derivatives.

Likely side effects would then be those common to cathinone chemicals. These include headache, nausea and occasional hallucinations. Tingling or strange sensations in the extremities should not be surprising, nor should sensations of euphoria and an excess of nervous energy.

Sporadic reports suggest that the compound has been used to some success as a study aid, as it is said to increase focus and allow prolonged periods of highly detailed attention on otherwise monotonous tasks. These are purely anecdotal accounts, though, and should not be given the same weight as well-documented scientific experimentation.


Legality of A-PPP in your country

A-PPP is banned in the UK, as are most substituted cathinones. Countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the US may consider it illegal as a close analogue of Pyrovalerone or Methcathinone.

As such, the buyer must understand clearly that they are responsible for determining the legal status of every research chemical in their order. ChemicalFrog is not responsible for determining the laws, regulations and importation policies of any world jurisdiction, and cannot undertake to know the exact status of any particular chemical in very country to which we deliver.


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