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IUPAC: naphthalen-1-yl(9-pentyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)methanone

CAS: 983123-31-2

Molecular Formula: C28H25NO

Molecular Weight: 391.5

Form: Powder

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EG-018, also a potent research compound called naphthalen-1-yl(9-pentyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)methanone, gets the molecular formula : C28H25NO. Its λmax is 219, 234, 277, 299, 340 nm, and its stability is rated at two years.

There is very little formal research available on EGF-018, but it is considered to be an analogue of the JWH family, and very similar to JWH-018 in particular. It can thereforebe expected to exhibit comparable properties.

What research that exists was performed by three groups: the EPA, ChemAxon and ACD/Labs. That work predicts two H bond receptors, six freely floating bonds, a melting stage of 208oC and a boiling stage of 276oC (+/- 23oC) at a pressure of 760 millimetres of mercury. Its drinking water solubility is .000698 at 25oC.

JWH-018 is certainly a synthetic cannabinoid comprising a naphthoyl group and an aminoalkylindole moiety. EG-018 differs from JWH-018 for the reason that it includes a benzene band near its aminoalkylindole group, near to its the naphthoyl group.

Chemical substance and Physical properties of EG-018:

EG-018 includes a total atom count of 49, a relationship count of 52, a chain atom count of seven, zero asymmetric atom count, a cyclomatic amount of four, and 6 rotatable bonds. It includes a weighty atom count of 26, and its topological polar surface area can be 222. It comprises only 1 covalently bonded device.

EG-018’s feature 3D hydrophobe count is a single, seeing that is its feature 3D acceptor count. Its feature 3D band count is 4, and its own effective rotor count is certainly 6.

EG-018’s deriding energy is estimated in 102.12 kilocalories/mol. Its quantity can be 3.28 cubuic Angstroms and its own minimal projection area is 53.29 square Angstroms, optimum projection area 118.12 square Angstroms.

Legal Position:

EG-018 is a fresh and incompletely understood substance, and the very best of our understanding isn’t yet prohibited in nearly any nation or territory.

EG-018 is not ideal for human intake, and is sold limited to research and forensic make use of in a laboratory environment.

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